Fictive Fingers コラボ手ぬぐい / Collaborated Tenugui with Fictive Fingers

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シンガポールを拠点として姉妹で活動するテキスタイルデザインレーベル【Fictive Fingers】とのコラボ手ぬぐいです。

約36cm × 約95cm



Fictive Fingersは姉妹でシンガポールを拠点として活動するテキスタイルデザインレーベルです。シルクスクリーン印刷をベースに「良いデザインは手で作ることができる」という信念で手作業にこだわったモノづくりをしています。

This Tenugui is collaborated by Takara Gallery Workroom & Fictive Fingers
which is a hand-printed design studio in Singapore.
The Tenugui combined the water elements from Gujo by Takara Gallery Workroom and mimosaflower from the hometown reservoir in Singapore by Fictive Fingers.

Around 36cm × Around 95cm
Silk screen printing・Cotton 100%

※Any new TENUGUI has frays on both ends and you can cut them with scissors. After 2 or 3 washes, the ends will stop fraying, and you'll be left with a fringe at each end of the TENUGUI.


Fictive fingers is a hand-printed design studio, which is co-founded by two sisters in Singapore. They made every product by their own hands using self-printed fabric as they believe using the traditional methods to create will result in better designs in which digital methods are not able to.